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About us

Andora Consulting is a software company located in the East of the Netherlands; we provide web solutions to local and international clients. Our project range includes:

Standard technologies

We use state-of-the-art but widely known, standard technologies and tools available to all programmers, to guarantee extensibility and maintenability of our projects in the future. These frameworks are reliable, tested, documented and maintained by professional software development companies. This ensures that your investment in application development can be preserved even if changes will be necessary in the future. Your application can grow! Using these technologies we can guarantee that our customers are not tied to one developer or company just because no one else would be able to understand and maintained their proprietory source code. As software development methodology we like and apply object-oriented programming combined with Agile/Scrum framework in our projects. 

For more information, please look around this website, contact us or visit one of our specialized product websites:

  • Our online payment solutions are developed to be used beyound webshops: you might not need a complete webshop, but you still want to accept credit card payments? Check out our modular online payment solutions there.
  • see more information about our conference solutions.

The People

Andora Consulting was founded by Klara Vancso in 2000.

Who am I?

Dr. Klara Vancso is oprichter van Andora Consulting. I am a software engineer; my highest degree is a Ph.D. in computer science from the ETH-Z in Switzerland. Before that I earned my Master degree in mathematics and computer science. I have worked as a software developer in four different countries in Europe and North-America. My expertise is software and web development using different IT technologies. For a few years now I use Microsoft .NET ASP technology for web applications development. I enjoy combining technology with personal service to my clients.

What does Andora Consulting do?

Andora Consulting is experienced in building of successful websites, web shops en webapplications. My company works out of the East of the Netherlands, together with other (partly international) partners to deliver applications worldwide. We are focused to small and middle-size companies and different organizers of events.

What will I achieve?

My goal with Andora Consulting is first to deliver high-quality web-tools and service to my clients to support them to achieve their goals. Further, I would also like to support them personally using those tools if they need help.

I am determined to help clients achieve the best possible results. That is why we offer complete as well as custom-made solutions to my clients.

What can Andora Consulting mean for you?

I would be happy to contact you if you need support in software/web development and maintenance. Together we will work on a successful website, webshop or web application for your venture to ensure a persistent growth-impulse for your company. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for an expert and specialist in this field. Together with you we can achieve the best possible results!

Who are my partners?

Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced computer professionals who are working in software development for many years.

  • We are professional software engineers, our university degree in Computer Science is combined with many years of software development experience.
  • We are experts in different technologies and always use the most appropriate one for the current task.
  • We have worked in many different development environments, however the last years we prefer to build our new developments using Microsoft .NET Framework.
  • We work together with professional graphic designers to ensure that our websites look professional and attractive.