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Web apps

We build professional web applications: quickly and at the best possible price

At Andora Consulting we specialize in creating web applications which are completely customized to the client's requirements, but which save time and expense by integrating custom-built components with appropriate open source and commercial software. Read how it is done or contact us for a free offer with your requirements.

Custom-built web applications

A web application is a computer program on the internet. Besides the typical website functionalities, we design and develop web applications with custom made functionalities. Think about web forms, web processes, converting older applications to the web. We also develop web applications for individual orders.

Web development from the beginning

In the projects we start from scratch, we execute the complete life cycle of software development starting at requirements specifications and graphical design. Following technical implementation we execute technical as well as functional testing to satisfy our customers' highest quality criteria. We deliver our developments "turn-key": complete with documentation, typically running at an internet provider.


In more than one project we took over existing implementations which were developed by other companies but not finished or in other cases, the delivered applications toned serious quality problems. In some cases we were able to finish the application keeping a big part of the existing source code. In other cases major parts of the application had to be rewritten. It is also possible to transfer non-web applications to the web by attaching a web-interface to the existing applications.

Lunchpool: custom web application with scheduling

Lunch appointment system: let the people in your organization to connect in a fun and informal way. Read more:
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Project Requests System for OTIB

The Region Project Request System is an ASP.NET web application to streamline the project request and evaluation process at the organization. For more information, please contact us.
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