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Domain name registration scam

You are requested to register your domain name with a different extension in mail or by phone

Tip: Call your own webmaster!

It happened to me as well as to many of my customers who own a website and a domain name that they were approached by phone or mail and asked to register the domain name with a different extension. Like someone with a website with the domain name e.g. was asked to register the domain name get to hear (or read) that someone is trying to register this second domain name, and to 'keep the rights' to their name, they should register it with them.The company who is approaching them is (or acts like) a hosting company.

Unfortunately, this is a scam. It is easy to fall for this scam, because it makes sense to have your domain name with the most popular extensions.

However, there are the following problems with this registration:

you will pay a higher price than necessary for the new domain name;
this new domain name is not coupled to your website.

So, what should you do?

Just call your webmaster, or the hosting company where your first domain name is registered. You will be able to register the second domain name for a fraction of the offered price, and couple it to your existing website.

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