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How it is done

A professional web application, quickly and at the best possible price

At Andora Consulting we specialize in creating web solutions which are completely customized to the client's requirements, but which save time and expense by integrating custom-built components with appropriate open source and commercial software.

Combining components

Most web applications include a few elements which are unique to themselves, but also many more which are the same as those in other applications. It is unnecessary and inefficient to keep creating new solutions for requirements for which good and well-tested software already exists. For this reason at Andora Consulting we use a combination of custom-built, open-source, and commercial software, and we base our applications upon an open source Web Application Framework.

What is a Web Application Framework?

A Web Application Framework (WAF) is a complex software package which performs a wide rage of functions, such as website content management, new page creation, authorization systems and data storage. Because WAFs are widely used by web communities around the world, they are well-documented, and bugs and flaws can be detected quickly and the solutions shared. An open-source software gives the user the freedom to change and upgrade the software as and when he wishes, without reference to the supplier.

Open source Web Application Framework

Andora Consulting uses open source web application frameworks which are based on ASP.NET. ASP.NET has been developed by Microsoft for over ten years and is one of the most well-established development software in existence. We use more than one open source web frameworks:

These frameworks are flexible, stable and secure, and because their source code is published, they are also transparent. They have a worldwide community of users sharing expertise and advice.

Customizing the framework

We use our knowledge and skills to adapt the open source framework to match the specific needs of the customer. The rich functionality of the frameworks allows a wide range of possibilities in the finished web application, and our expertise will make best use of the opportunities available, including for example attractive graphic design and layered security systems. Our experience allows us to carry out this customization efficiently and at low cost.

Extending the WAF

When the customer's requirements go beyond the resources of the WAF, we have two more options; we can use commercial software, or create an application from scratch. If necessary, we will use the best available commercial software for the purpose, and ensure that it is integrated seamlessly into the application. An example is the photo gallery software incorporated in the website we created for
If no current commercial package is available we also have the skills to create new software as required, or if re-engineering is a better option, to rebuild existing code.

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Hosting and Maintenance

Hosting your web application

A complex web application needs a good hosting service to ensure its full functionality, and we can arrange this for you. Our preferred internet provider is Argeweb in the Netherlands.

Maintaining your web application

Our service does not stop with the speedy delivery of a cost-effective web application. We offer a range of different maintenance packages to ensure the smooth and continuous operation of your web application.

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