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Teamwork websites

Our teamwork websites combine a content management system (CMS) with a content authorization system, allowing team leader(s) to manage projects, assign tasks, direct work flow, and set authorization for file sharing in a secured environement. These online teamwork solutions are ideal for international and local groups alike, they provide an efficient group management tool.

Teamwork websites also provides a powerful opportunity to enhance the communicative outreach of your organization. If desired, uploaded online content can be shared among different groups (as designated by you) in order to present ideas to either the general public, or a select group.

The content management and authorization system allows team members to only see what is designated and relevant to them. It allows the teamleader and authorized group leaders to

  • setup individual work groups;
  • control file uploads and content visibility among users with different level of authorization;
  • set specific membership roles;
  • set the hierarchy for the content; 
  • allow group leaders to organize meetings for specific work groups.

Teamwork website for European research project, COST Action TD1002

Since 2012 our Teamwork website has been successfully utilized by the European research project COST Action TD1002. Through it's extensive functionality the Teamwork website helps to efficiently aid the organization of this Europe wide project. See it live at
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