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Technical support

Do you need advice, technical maintenance or a reliable online platform in order to keep your digital projects productive and focused on success? Andora Consulting can provide all of this (and more) through our range of pre-planned support services, customizable upon request for almost any feasible requirement.

We can offer you (or your company) continuous online support for almost any type of web-based social activity, including business conferences, workshops and seminars. If it is required, technical support for large scale meetings (such as a congress or symposium) can also be arranged.

If you desire technical guidance to either our products or your existing information technology services, Andora Consulting will be pleased to provide it for you. Our dedicated email support service means that technical questions can easily be answered for you by our experienced support team.

Specialized applications can prove a hassle to maintain. With our technical maintenance service you will never be inclined to worry. We will keep your digital products running smoothly, giving you more time to concentrate on the important issues.

Are you working on a brand new or existing online project? Our technical support team can also impart guidance on how to perfect your website. Help can be provided to you to assist in getting the most out of programming, networking and graphic design.

We are renowned for responding to customers extremely quickly. The majority of requests for technical support will receive a reply within 24 hours. With a proven track record of excellence as well as a team of highly skilled engineers on stand-by, Andora Consulting offers you both reliability and expertise.